Ready Solution for Injection Molding Machines

Get more out of your molding machines using our complete packaged solution that can be deployed quickly at your facotry floor comprising any number of Injection Molding Machines.

Do you know the overall effectiveness of your machines?

Do you know how efficiently your machines are performing?

Are you considering investing in new machines to meet your growing demand?

Are you collecting and scientifically analyzing machine data?

Is your current analysis of machine data allowing you to make smart decissions about manpower, machine & mold maintenance

Have you considered getting more out of your existing machines?

Before you decide on investing in new machines, consider investing in getting the most out of your existing machines. Our fully automated analytics solution can help optimize your shop floor process and practice. With the ever increasing demand for Plastic Products our solution can help you maximize your profits without investing in new machines.

Products that are part of our solution

Chipster offers unique solutions designed for different markets.
The products that make up the industrial analytics solutions are as follows :



A Wireless IoT module that plugs into any machine that has a Serial, USB or Ethernet port allowing custom analytics solution to be built on top of it for specific needs. Though generic by design, the chipBOT can be customized for different types of machines.



A compact (4 cubic inches) yet powerful modular computing device that receives data from ChipBOT, processes the same and generates required analytics reports. This is a general purpose computing device that can go anywhere a traditional desktop computer is used today.



The Software module that runs on ChipHUB, crunches raw data retrieved from ChipBOT and produces reports customized for individual use. The software also makes this report available over Cloud so that you can access the reports from any internet connected device with a web browser.